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lastarcade's Journal

31 May 1988
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1920's-1960s's, ac/dc, alexisonfire, ambulance ltd, amy millan, andrew bird, apostle of hustle, arcade fire, aretha franklin, art, art brut, attack in black, be your own pet, ben kweller, black lungs, broken social scene, buddy holly, cansei de ser sexy, city and colour, cooking, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, death cab for cutie, death to turkey, do make say think, drummers, drums, etta james, feist, fiery furnaces, filmmaking, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand, friends, gigs, girl interrupted, gomez, hawksley workman, imogen heap, incubus, jason collett, jets overhead, john heffron, johnny cash, johnny depp, josh ritter, led zeppelin, louis armstrong, m83, mates of state, matt pond pa, maximo park, metallica, metric, minus the bear, orlando bloom, patrick fugit, peaches, peppermint hot chocolate, photography, pins, pirates of the caribbean, pixies, pj harvey, pretty in pink, queen, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, regina spektor, retro anything, rilo kiley, rinôçérôse, rocky horror picture show, saved!, sigur rós, silent movies, skip the rush, slipknot, snow, sondre lerche, starbucks, stars, sufjan stevens, tegan and sara, the breakfast club, the cribs, the decemberists, the french kicks, the grates, the liars, the matches, the most serene republic, the rakes, the smashing pumpkins, the stills, the subways, the weakerthans, the weepies, tokyo police club, tv on the radio, vintage clothes, we are scientists, weezer, white stripes, wolf parade, yeah yeah yeahs, zeal